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Purpose of this Site

ad-hominem abuse All I had set out to do was blog about photography and other creative things that interest me. I posted selfies and wrote about my motives and experiences as a trans woman.

This site serves to document the unprovoked online and real life harassment that I as a transgender person endure on a daily basis from cowardly mobs of haters most using fake identities. It does include screen shots such as the one ajacent as well as photographs and videos that are evidence of what I must endure and the way social media empower it and censor my replies.

To reduce hate crimes I believe it is important the general public become aware of the persecution and relentless discrimination that is visited on trans women like me unjustly and without provocation on our part.

The toxic hatred shown in this site are not at all what I myself produce. Some may well be offensive, but I will not be including those that are sexually explicit or contain graphical violence. Getting me shut down for hatespeech meerly proves my point, IMO.

Alt of Angelica Perduta

Recovering from failed suicide, Angelica discovered the remnants of a person she used to be. She called that person Demonica and put me back together as best she could.

Translation by Google

As Melahi, I deal with the stalkers, haters, trolls and cyber bullies that target me IRL. None the less, my vision is to publish controversial insights and enable respectful dialog on my forums here. These forums are not hosted by the service provider, so please abide by Disqus terms and conditions when posting.

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I'm not ashamed to show my face and speak my mind.

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