The colors of the rainbow represent diversity that together span a full spectrum of humanity. The rainbow flag is often used as a symbol for gay pride in marches and parades. It originated in Northern California, but is now used worldwide.

Historically transgender people were simply seen as homosexuals even though many cross dressers are in fact heterosexual. Trans people have always played prominent roll in campaigning for equal rights and the rise of transphobia and perception of trans advocacy 'parasiting' on the movement is completely unjustified.

Here, for instance is a shameful example of somone in the gay community impersonating me behind my back in a forum where I was not active to create a pretense of homophobia.

homophobic impersonation

Their agenda is to terf the 'T' out of LGBT and indeed their targeted harassment, persecution and relentless demonization has escalated to the stage where I would be quite happy for that to happen. Our association with sexuality does trans women no favors, when our gender identity is not even sexually motivated, and all we get is more abuse.

Discrimination and Persecution

People who diverge from the norm have historically been shunned. This can be explaind by a society's need to promote optimal reproduction of their next generation, and reduce the spread of contagious disease.

However in our 21st century technological society, with modern medicines, law enforcement, social services, etcetera, traditional roles that valued woman for her child bearing abilities, and valued man as provider and protector have become largely redundant.

Instead, contraception has become the norm, and hedonistic pleasure the aim, of sexual interactions. Thus today it would be hypocritical for these normal people to continue persecuting and shaming deviant minorities for what we choose to do, with other consenting adults. In any case, there are many ways, apart from raising children, that we as human beings can contribute to society.

Note: I do not excuse those who would harm others, like pedophiles and rapists: As long as they commit no transgression we can respect them for their self control, but the moment they do offend, then IMO it remains appropriate to ostracize them, and to defend their innocent victims.

The religious motive

opinion from pope Francis Having persecuted homosexual people for many centuries, the catholic church is now willing to accomodate them, despite the Biblical hate speech. However pope Francis still sees transsexuals as sinning against God's intentions: Apparently we should accept the body that God gave us.

Well, how about you, dear pope, accept the gender expressions that God gave us, and stop persecuting effeminate men wearing feminine clothing. Maybe then we won't develop body dysphoria so easily!?

I thought I just check, what does the Bible say? Bible on Eunuchs

Most religions teach that homosexuality and transgender are a violation of natural law. They fail to recognise that creation is continuing to evolve, and in order to do so, that it must experiment with variations and combinations, that deviate from the usual repertoire.

discussing sharia law about transgender

religious hanging gay men Paradoxically they attribute such natural law to a supernatural and infallible creator. In their unbridled bigotry they designate us as abominations, or devil spawn, to be put to death to appease the wrath of their omni-benificent God-delusion.

Where is the 'sin' in a man wearing a dress? Here a religious person cites chapter and verse for me...

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In essence, it's because like the fig tree that Jesus cursed, we bear no fruit.

A human can contribute so much more to society than children, so it's an anachronism at best, it also illustrates the misunderstanding they have of transgender: It's not about obtaining gay sex by deception, but about the typical gender roles we adopt in daily life and the psychological body dysmorphia we feel for having aspirations that do not match societal expectations of our biological sex.

the fear of sexual predators

Male sexuality requires that the man is attracted to, and initiates sexual relationships. That is nature. It is not something that he should be criticized for. Alas some men are sexual predators and in their ignorance some attribute this to gay men. Thus here in New Zealand male homosexuality at one time also commanded the death penalty. It was still illegal up to 1989! Female homosexuality OTOH, was never against our laws!

Men were always the providers and protectors of women and children, but feminists twist that perception into a paranoid delusion of female oppression under what they percieve as a Patriarch regime and rape culture. I discuss that elsewhere. Here I just want to say that misandry is another source of trans misogyny: Radical feminists see us nice transgirls as sexually motivated predators infiltrating their safe spaces. irrational fears

99% of men will never rape anyone in their life time, so suspicion of anyone born with a penis is unjustified. The witch hunt for perverts in wash rooms is politically motivated and fostering unfounded fears and counter productive legislation in society. When those reporting us come themselves under suspicion, isn't that karma? ignore, fear, or report?

We do not envisage a society without statistical gender differences. We envisage a society that offers each individual equal opportunities without such prejudice. One that accomodates minorities where roles can be reversed, or shared by personal choice without shame, rather than being imposed based on our reproductive organs.

Pride in Diversity

We talk about gay pride, but really, being gay is no more something to be proud of, than being straight... what the pride is about is our solidarity, in the face of adversity and persecution. I am a trans girl and I'm not gay, but I will march with you gay men, and straight men, trans men and cis women, for your rights, as much as for mine.

Some of the persecution and especially trans-misogyny may be an instinctive revulsion, specifically to effeminate men. At one time such a gut reaction may have served the survival of our primitive ancestors.

aversion to effiminate men

Note: When that instinct becomes an aversion to the self then you get gender dysphoria.. that's us trans.. it's not sexual. What we all need is not condemnation, but reeducation, to become accepting and tolerant of diversity. This particular picture of me was posted on a hate forum for them to leer and scoff at my appearance and so I made this meme of it, because to me #TransPride means not hanging my whole life in the closet of shame. #SelfieEveryDay is my triumph overbody dysmorphia and as for the mental cruelty of the cunts who play on that with malevolent glee it earns them only the utter contempt they are due.

trans pride


In recent years gay pride marches are taking a more sinister turn. I can see no justification for parading paraphilic erotic antics in public, or to involve young children. I fully support the views expressed here by Lauren Southern's Why I hate Pride Parades.

With political correctness swelling like a cancer within our ranks, are we perhaps witnessing the suicide of our rainbow community? Here Black Pidgeon Speaks about The Rainbow Flag's CHEEKY TRIUMPHALISM:

Conflation with pedophilia

This is not transgender. It is child pornography and prostitution... Please do drop the "T" from your sexuality club!

child pornography