This page is to discuss the man hating creed of the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, however I am prepared to coverse with bonafide terfs, to understand their point of view and respect it where respect is due.

video reply to "evil terf" Penny White from Angelica Perduta on Vimeo.

Penny White blames the trans advocates who tried to help her daughter transition F2M, rather than owning responsibility for how her own parenting may have contributed to her child's resentment at missing out on male privileges. The story goes that her daughter eventually realized she was lesbian (female) and not trans-man.

I consider it hypocritical especially as she now campaigns to demonize M2F trangender people as if we pose some kind of a threat to her daughter. Personally I don't think that many trans women are interested in masculine presenting females.

Stigmatizing us by promoting targeted harassment against innocent trans women in hate forums for the sake of her transphobic agenda is morally inexcusable: e.g. For a start I don't have any grand children so I can't have "beaten them up", can I?

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Many terfs simply hate men, and I acknowledge some may have endured experiences that could justify that.

Lilith victim of abuse by male people

I am truly sorry to hear what some women have lived through. Yet many male children can suffer equally.

Seeking retribution against innocent victims isn't going to solve anything. It might make you feel better, but by venting your frustration against innocent male children (and perfectly nice trans people too), are you not perpetuating an insidious cycle of abuse?

When I was disobedient as a child my mom rarely hit me. Instead she would get dad to whip us with a leather belt when he got home from work. Dad would administer her punishment, but luckily always tried to minimize the pain inflicted while just putting on a show to satisfy her.

The first time my partner demanded I discipline our infant, I remember thinking our boy had been in the right. Recollecting my own chilhood, I told her she should do her own disciplining...

I advocate one exposes only the truly guilty parties, and to let the world know that what they did, was not OK. Please don't blame me for things I never did.


Gay pride is about not being shamed for one's sexuality. The aim was to integrate acceptance into mainstream society. I don't think gay circles treat transmen with the same revulsion as entrenched lesbians treat us. There is no disputing that TERFs hijacked the movement to create an elitist cult of artificial sexuality distinctions.

Fiona-Mtrans inclusion would be homophobic rape rhetoric
lewd adhominemTerfs are liberal with unprovoked lewd insults, delete tweet Then run crying to the mods, oh you pathetic victims!

As adolescents many explore their emerging sexuality. Teaching them heterophobia is just as wrong as imposing homophobia. Not all sexual attraction is fixated on genitals.

Trans too experience sexual attraction to others of either sex. We might find love in both homosexual and/or straight circles. Ostracizing and accusing us of homophobia and rape tendencies, when we are simply looking for love is hypocritical and hateful.

Feminist in-group sexual bias and toxic hate speech is proverbial. Here, on a platform where I have no account at all, a typical sample from a hate forum directed at me personally and inciting that they descend as a mob on me elsewhere unsing their cowardly faceless identities.

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Soo, apart from the fact I'm not sexually attracted to anyone... it would be rape apology to call it divisive when they divide humanity into us-vs-them artificial sexuality categories. It would be rape apology to ostracize trans women for not being real lesbians.

Nobody is forcing anyone to date someone they don't want to, but where do they expect trans lesbians to go looking for love, when straight girls are unlikely to fancy them? How is such sexist snobbery not elitist?

sexual predators You don't have to be an Einstein to understand that women who hate men are unlikely to be heterosexual. The reality is that trans-misogyny is often motivated by negative stereotyping of men as sexual predators.


the sheer misery of being born female?

Many TERF's simply feel transwomen don't suffer enough to qualify as women. We don't menstruate and don't endure child birth. We don't have to take contraceptives... and whine... whine... whine..

The reality is that having a baby is a woman's choice, and criticizing us for failing, is a form of ableism. The reality is that we too have to take hormones regularly. The fact is that on average we suffer more discrimination, oppression, abuse and health issues than the average cis woman.

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Feminism & Gender Prejudice

I had voted on an opinion poll about issues affecting society today. When I disclosed my vote a bigot twists it to allege "homophobia". Such duplicity merely convinces me of the toxicity of social justice agendas.

twisted gay paranoia

homicidal straight fetish crossdresser There are also male TERFs. These guys are sycophantic white knights. They are so ignorant of what transgender is about that they think they are defending women and children from a threat by assaulting us.

Gynocentrism is central to the delusion that girls can do anything they wish, but boys will have to man-up to duties towards women. These consist, mostly of providing financially for what ever she chooses, and thus trans women are seen as defaulting on our duties when we want to fulfill more feminine roles.

When cis women surrender a career to devote more care to their cildren it is portrayed as oppression, but when as a trans woman, I chose to do the same that was flamed as misogynist imposition of feminine gender roles. Well seriously they have no justification to shame me, or any other person (male or female) for our choice!

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