In the English language, the word man comes from Latin, "manus" for hand. Men were seen as the hands that do the physical labor: The producers and constructors of civilizations. The word woman OTOH, is an acronym of with and man: Women are the carers in society.

As such a steady flow of resources from the producers to the carers is a reasonable expectation. It enables them to perform essential caring duties, that otherwise provide no remuneration. In terms of continuing human species, women and children are precious while men are a valuable but more expendable commodity.

Unlike contemporary dictionary definitions that redefine man and woman as synonyms for an adult male or female, understanding the original concept not as a reproductive sex, but as a person's role in society is fundamental to fully understanding sexism like gynocentrism and patriarchy theory.

Trans-Sexual, Trans-Gender
... or Trans-Trender?

Blaire White is a well known trans woman and recently she anounced she would be "detransitioning" in the hope of being able to produce sperm for having her own baby. You can see her video here:

Several points of interest such as desire to mother her own biological child, but that's a general issue of inate instincts that perhaps Richard Dawkin's book The Selfish Gene can shed more light on.

What struck me however was this comment about her that I responded to as shown. I gather that Blaire does not have body dysmorphia and doesn't desire to have female sexual organs for the sake of sexual interaction with a male partner. Yet she does desire to be like the female parent to her baby. I conclude she is not transsexual,


In recent years transgenderism has become fashionable. It is motivated not by science, but by an ideology seeking to erase "oppressive" gender stereotypes.

black lipstick buxom boy

The above lady is probably best known as "Die Cis Scum" and for some years presented as a gender fluid person. Eventually she grew out of it and embraced her femininity. IMHO, if gender were fluid, there would be no justification for hormones and surgery.

Note on grievance politics

Evolution by it's very nature produces gender symbiosis: Oppression (or exploitation) of one sex by the other will always be balanced with a reciprocal concession because in the struggle for survival we need to compete effectively with rival species. Many people reject the idiotic ideology that we are all just products of social conditioning and we see gender as an asset and not a burden.

For instance a woman's confinement during reproduction, must one way or an other, impose on the male that he assumes responsibility for her welfare. Otherwise, if he should default, then his genes would be less likely to survive.

toxic masculinity vs gynocentrism

Paul Elam - A Voice For Men

A Dimorphic Species


Reproductive dimorphism that is either male or female. Inter-sex conditions are a malfunction, not a separate sex.


Collection of all behavior patterns that are statistically correlated with biological sex.

reproductive sex is in the genitals gender is in the mind

pioneer-plaque Physical difference was represented in adjacent graphic illustration sent into deep space. It's intention to potentially introduce humanity to an as yet unknown alien intelligence. My subjective impression is that subconsciously the diagram also captures the subtle difference in typical gender roles of the sexes in their body language: The male faces the alien stranger (taking the risks), while the female looks to him for her protection.

The Gender Binary

he says, she says

Besides instinct, a person's behavior will be influenced by cultural, religious, or other conditioning. At the level of the individual all kinds of variations are found, yet statistically it is undeniable that male and female have different responses towards things like risk taking and competition.

gendered risk

In our technological era there are plenty of ways we can contribute to society, beyond making babies, but one reason that gender remains relevant today is that people who tend towards the caring roles will somehow still need to be supported in that endeavour by the productive ones, and both roles remain essential for civilized society.

career choices

Conversely, sexual discrimination and prejudice serves no purpose at all. Let people of both sexes pursue what we aspire to and if some really do need medical intervention to feel comfortable doing that, what difference does it make to you?