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My dog, Lucy

Puppy Love

I don't think she liked me much at first. I was nothing like the farmers, no children to play with and no working dogs to run with... but I did my best to give her a home with lots of affection and games, and gradually she warmed to me.

sleeps under my bed
sleeps under my bed

She's not a puppy anymore. She sleeps under my bed, but when I'm not there, she grabs one of my jumpers out of the washing bin and curls up on our bed with it. Either way, in the morning I find her snuggled up in my arms with her head on my shoulder, sometimes holding my sleeve in her mouth. These creatures have intense emotions no less than we do. She is alive!

I sneaked out to get the camera
I sneaked out to get the camera

My heart melts as I gaze at her. Then we get up and go for a walk by sunrise.

Pack Hunts at Sunrise

Symbolic hunt at Sunrise

When we get back we have breakfast together. It remind me of Sunday morning as a child, not being allowed to eat until after church, but then we would get croisants and real butter if we were good. Waiting made it all the more worth while. I think in nature the pack would hunt on an empty stomach and eat when they made a kill. Lucy is a precious team member in our symbolic hunt every morning... she deserves the best cut and I give it to her, so she knows she's appreciated.

Glow Bounce

We have 5 glow-in-the-dark rubber balls and Lucy loves to play "bounce" in the dark in the living room. I bounce a ball off a wall and she catches it. The action gets fast and furious and we vary bouncing at different angles off the wall and the floor. It was something I did while waiting for my coffee to percolate once, and now whenever I go to the coffee percolator Lucy gets all excited. She comes into the kitchen to check it is the percolator and woofs at me then she rushes into the living room and lies in the ball bouncing corner making cute little squeals of anticipation.

Today I noticed there were only 4 bounces in the box. I walked past Lucy, who was lying there looking up at me with those soft brown eyes and I said "I just need a pee first". Then from the bathroom I said... "There is one bounce missing... I think it might be in the bedroom. See if you can find it!"...

Well Lucy got up. She padded through to the bedroom and promptly came back with the missing bounce (ball) and went back to her corner in the living room, waiting for me to start the game. When I talk to her she tilts her head slightly, looking at me askance at times, but I think she really does understand far more of what I say than I would ever have believed possible.