Holocaust, History or Hoax?

last update:2020-02-26

Lessons from the Past

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Back when I was a child we were taught that the Nazis had gassed millions of Jewish people (as well as gypsies and homosexuals). OTOH I have also seen documentaries that show very compelling forensic research that cast doubt on the gas-chamber theory and suggest typhoid and malnutrition would have been the main cause of many deaths. e.g. click the thumbnail to see such a website. Then notice how all their videos have been censored, as if somebody has something to hide!

One thing is certain: There were emotive tales like Anne Frank's Diary that testified to the misery many must have suffered under this cruel and inhumane regime. None the less I couldn't help wonder what might have provoked a whole nation to engage in such heinous atrocities.

My mom had been a child in occupied Netherlands during the war and the war effort meant ordinary civilians were all starving. She told of how the children would go begging for the potato peels outside the German army camps. She told us that most of those German soldiers were just perfectly decent young men conscripted to serve their country.

My history teacher once explained that the second world war was an inevitable consequence of the inequitable treaty of Versailles. And later I heard of General Patton exclaiming after the war: We defeated the wrong enemy!.

Allied War Crimes

The two nuclear bombs detonated on Japanese population centers while they were trying to negotiate terms of surrender seem very hard to justify, but beyond any doubt in my mind the, bombing of Dresden was one of the most heinous and inexcusable crimes against humanity of the 20th century. I found the following documentary.

Note: The cover image that the channel owner uploaded has nothing to do with Dresden. It's a picture of Hitler with a racially bigotted anti-american quotation. Now why would they choose that? Could it be an attempt to prejudice the viewer? Wartime accounts seem to be a web of lies and double deception with political agenda today.

Bombing Dresden: an allied war crime

Water Under the Bridge?

I concluded it's just another case of the victor rewriting history, but it's history now, and new wrongs won't ever make it right so I dismissed it.

Censored, is there something to hide?

Orphaned Disqussion Orphaned Disqussion

Bitchute has the reputation of being a free speech platform, but recently I stumbled on historical footage of a Speech by Adolf Hitler at the Reichstag in January of 1939. It had English subtitles and since I was waiting for a large file transfer to complete I started watching it absentmindedly. I even posted a reply to someone, thinking I might come back later to hear what the Nazis actually said rather than what the official historians want us to think they said.

I was surprised when the video disappeared and I started wondering was there something there that the general public should not be allowed to know? What had intrigued me was the following words:

From memory of the lost video...

The hatred among different peoples is being nurtured by a small, rootless, international clique that does not want us to have peace. This clique have no fatherland, but live in Berlin today, and in Brussels tomorrow. They conduct their business everywhere, yet out of reach of ordinary people.

The peoples of the Earth will soon realize that Germany under National Socialism, does not desire the enmity of other peoples, but if the international Finance-Jewry should succeed once again in plunging us into a world war, Bolshevism will not be the result, but instead the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe will ensue.

So ostensibly he is threatening genocide, but he identifies a specific cause and I reflected that maybe that "small clique" of "financial-Jewry" should consider the role they played in precipitating the atrocities that befell their people... then I thought of people like Soros, a Jew who collaborated with Nazis during the war in rounding up innocent Jewish people, yet a plutocrat today manipulating national and international events thru NGOs that he and other sinister globalist bankers are financing today. Maybe they have no qualms sacrificing even the lives of their own kin for the sake of amassing ever more riches and power?

Here is an article about 91 year old Ursula Haverbeck being jailed for thought crime simply because she dared question the lack of evidence for the alleged Holocaust figures. Besides the free speech issue the accusation is that it was fabricated as an emotional appeal that might justify Israel's extortion and military occupation of land that belonged to the Palestine people long before Moses lead his people there by alleged divine decree.

Food for thought as the world once again heads for global conflict? Well here is the first in a whole series of sinister quest for world domination, that we ought to contemplate instead of blundering with delusional faith in the powers that be!

How do we scupper the sinister self appointed financial Gods of humanity?