A Nightmare Future

Last updated: 2020-02-26

The delusions of idealism

Many people optimistically believe humanity could get along as one big "brotherhood of man" and unite under a benificent God-like NWO.

In particular after the second world war the tribes of Europe sought to eradicate nationalist sentiments. Ideology hitched a ride on the Jesus Loves You Christian sentiments of the hippie era, and was also inspired by the sophistry of Marxism. The lyrics of John Lennon's Imagine epitomise idealist delusions from the post war boomer generation.

John Lennon - Imagine Lyrics

Permissive society in the West gravitated to substance abuse, promiscuity, and industrial scale genocide of the unborn in the name of "choice". The stark dystopian reality of such centralized totalitarian regimes had been emerging in East-block countries like the People's Republic of Communist China and the Soviet Union for some decades already.

Lured with empty promisses, we were blind to how a one world order would be wide open to abuse, with propaganda, corruption and nepotism. Today we see it reduces most of humanity to indigent slave status. Our democratic vote becomes no more signifiant than a statistic that the autocratic authorities are free to demonize, persecute and silence as they please.

Like were they the Gods of antiquity a faceless financial elite jet-set about in private planes and thru their corrupt authorities, they hold us to ransom for the privilege of living on their planet.