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Last updated: 2020-02-26

Alt-Right Hysteria from the Loony Left MSM

Thomas Manch Thomas Manch

This Stuff reporter brands Action Zelandia a "Neo-Nazi" group, and makes accusations of Swastika Vandalism, but without any evidence. I've decided to look at what the group themselves actually have to say rather than lending credence to this biased reporting of leftist hate mongers like Thomas Manch.

Building a Community for European New Zealanders

Action Zelandia Action Zelandia

There are so many duplicitous false-flag events in circulation today... just what can we believe? I start with their public website (assuming it yet survives) and I notice the caption quoted above is the kind of thing that will readily trigger accusations of racism & white supremacy in our witch hunting current political climate.

My retorts to that would be it doesn't actually mention being "white", that building a community is not advocating for supremacy, and that talking about European New Zealanders is no different to talking about Tangata Whenua, or African Americans for that matter. So, it's all just spooks and prejudice... Instead I shall be studying their site in more detail.

Disclaimer from Action Zealandia
Any official communications for the movement will be done through our website or via our official Twitter. Anyone who states they are from Action Zealandia and makes claims not presented on our website does not belong to our group.

Indeed, I for one don't pretend to speak for Action Zealandia. I'm not a young nationalist. IDGAF one way or the other about culture, environment and community. All I care about is the TRUTH. I see they have an official twitter but TBH anything still allowed thru the Twitter political correctness filters today, lacks credibility as it can't ever show anything other than woke-leftist sanctioned rhetoric.

Action Zelandia Ideals

While engaging constructive activities is very important a young man's self esteem, I did read this point as a commitment to "manning up" to traditional male duties, much like the Proud Boys in the USA. It doesn't make them into agents of the patriarchy, but much more just the patsies of a gynocentric society, that sadly for them, neither shares their values, nor appreciates their efforts.
Our living standards of the working class should not be undermined by cheap foreign labour, we don't want to import a culture of exploitation in order to compete financially with 3rd world conditions. Minimum wage must be retained and we should not let migrants into our country to do jobs when we have our own people looking for work in that industry. This applies just as much for Maori as for European New Zealanders.
Group activities such as rubbish clean ups, camping, group writing sessions, are all perfectly admirable pursuits and indeed much better than indulging substance abuse. There is nothing wrong with their community spirit.
As they explain it, this is about defending our own people from exploitation by foreign interests and multi-national monopolies who exploit our economy under a pretext of free-trade.
It's certainly a fact that the current economic model has rendered many of our domestic industries unsustainable. I think it admirable that these young people are looking for solutions. I think it's important that we as a country do not become dependent on slave labour from the 3rd world while losing our own industrial base.


Sticking up posters seems a reasonable way to promote a group and it's political views. It's not only businesses and main-stream political parties that should be allowed to do that. I could see no swastikas on any of them, so Stuff's allegations of swastika vandalism is just fear mongering. Other activities like climbing mount Ruapehu is a sporting male group bonding experience. I think these are inspiring young people doing something far more constructive than recreational drugs or vying for 'likes' on social media like so many others of their age seem to.


I've only read their latest article about COVID-19. I think it's very well written and I agree with their view that we should as a nation be putting our own people's health before economic considerations. We should definietly not let the profits of multi-national corporations dictate the rules.

This article is not based on racial prejudice, but on concerns about contagious infections entering our country. However, I did see one of the comments and a reply to it discussing issues of racial purity. I thought it was off topic as I don't see how it relates to this virus: Interactions and priorities that could affect how the disease spreads will be connected with culture, which is a social construct rather than a question of genetic ethnicity.