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"alt-right" in New Zealand?

I've heard the term alt-right used in a pejorative sense to describe political views that some hold here in New Zealand, but what does it actually mean? Is the label being abused to unjustly marginalize and persecute people simply for having their own thoughts on controversial topics?


It's an abridged term for alternative right which would allegedly be embraced by some white supremacists and nationalists to refer to themselves and their ideology. OTOH there could be other alternative right-wing politics that are not advocating for white supremacy, while an ideology of remaining a sovereign nation seems just as legitimate as one wanting amalgamation into a globalist one world order.

In general, right-wing politics are about limiting government: Reduced interference in people's private lives. It's about less bureaucracy, lower taxation, minimal welfare and a merit based society, rather than the woke agenda of government imposed equality of outcome and the consequent nepotism, free-loading and corruption. Right-wing politics seem perfectly legitimate aspirations, yet we now hear about people who hold those views being censored, deplatformed and receiving intimidating unjustifiaed police visits. An American website recently published One Year After Mosque Massacre, New Zealand Is Fighting Rising Hate. My web-search showed other sites that seemed to be the same article, by the same author.

So, what are they on about?
... encrypted messaging app showing a balaclava-clad man
That could be left, right or any other deranged cyber troll, just like Brenton Tarrant himself: deliberately provoking a reaction.
... increase in hate crime and xenophobia
Wearing a balaclava and taking a selfie isn't a hate crime and it's comon to leftists extremists like Antifa. Is it threatening and xenophobic? threat Without being able to see the evidence his guilt has not been established. In any case, any lunatic can join a group, but it doesn't implicate the whole group as lunatics. "Action Zealandia" have indicated they do not endorse the alleged behavior.
... attack inspired far right nationalists and anti-immigration campaigners to be more active both online and offline, according to Muslim leaders, activists and experts
Well, it inspired me to think Australian Freemasons like Mr. Tarrant should not be given a gun license here. I suppose that is anti-immigration, but I don't for one minute suppose that's what the alleged "experts" were implying. In any case, where is their evidence for an increase in "hate" as a result of the 2019 mosque massacre?
... Police actively investigating peopel who might pose a terror threat
Do they base this on unsubstantiated allegations that anyone with a personal grudge might make out of malice? Thus the police themselves unwittingly becing abused as the agents of hate. I shall discuss my personal experiences with that soon.
... white supremacist posters have appeared in Auckland universities
A quick search revealed the university spokes person said the posters did not advocate white supremacy and that it was inferred from the Action Zealandia web site, so I shall be looking at that in due course.
... about 60 to 70 groups and between 150 and 300 core right-wing activists in New Zealand
That's a very small percentage of the population. A balance of left and right-wing political convictions is part of democracy.

White supremacy

White supremacy would mean advocating systemic privileges for people with white skin. White people originate in Europe, with a rich and diverse cultural identity. They are often Christians, but simply wanting to preserve ones culture and heritage, or to follow the teachings of Jesus is not supremacy, it doesn't mean they came from a privileged background and neither is it about being white.

Other alleged symptoms of alt-right sympathies include the oppression of women, the persecution of homosexuals, marginalization of Muslims, anti-semitism, opposition to immigration and threats of violence. Yet we see plenty of these in other demographics and they need to be put in context.

Every ideology should be amenable to scrutiny, discussion and criticism especially where they potentially infringe on the rights of others. For instance failing to support special shortlist for females is not actually oppressing anyone. Being prepared for self defense is not an act of violence. Wanting to preserve one's cultural heritance and group identity is not an act of supremacy. In a fair society the same laws protect all individuals, not with guaranteed equal outcomes, but with equal opportunities and individual freedom of choice.

In this chapter I will be discussing activism in New Zealand and questioning whether a narrative is being abused as a means to silence views that are perfectly legal but simply inconvenient to those currently in power.

Migration & Immigration

In the first instance the government of every country has an obligation to serve the interests of it's own people but that can mean bringing in seasonal migrant workers as well as accepting imigrants who wish to integrate in our society. Lauren Southern explains her revealing change of mind on this topic at the EU headquarters.

Changing My Mind On Immigration - Lauren Southern EU Speech
magration compact magration compact

Many people were concerned about our government signing the UN "compact" on Migration and I tried to petition them not to sign, but without any kind of referendum our elected representatives went ahead and did so anyway. Migration should not be dictated by multi-national corporations, foreign NGO's and the UN.

Without addressing the problems in the countries of origin, bringing people is not a solution to world poverty as 3rd world countries will keep breeding more indigent population to replace migrants that left and it would be far better those migrants had remain to help build the infra structure of their own country.

The leftist agenda promoting unrestrained immigration serves to diversify the population and erode our national identity so that we can be assimilated as a province of the Marxist one world order in which we will all feel like strangers in a strange land wherever we go and we are just worker drones to be farmed by a totalitarian state.