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In this section of my websites I’m exploring WordPress site builder.
As Angelica I will be using it for blogging without censorship. Click one of the links above for the actual blogs.

Although my intention is to let all genuine discussion take place, I had no choice but to change settings so that some comments need to be approved before they appear…. sorry about that!

OTOH, while I’m here Imma just link my traNZfashion of today.

feeling cuddly!
White men’s jeans contrasting with a lo♡ely soft and cuddly dusky pink top… I just lo♡e being a girl… don’t U?
It was hard to find a pair that didn’t have designer rips or look like it had been thu a shredder.
I sold my sewing machines (I shall write about that when the time is right) but it does mean that I can’t take them up at the moment.

28 thoughts on “Melahi Online”

  1. Ok then… how about a post from this same forum itself?

    Mod melahi says: I installed “insert pages” plug in for that just now. e.g.

    banned again…

    Remember: … freespeech… unless U are a “tranny”. #amIright?

    and that seems to get the height right too, so I shall check how they do that later. What it doesn’t do is embed comments or pages from other wordpress sites, but maybe I can modify it for that?!

    1. I wonder if I can scroll it to a comment?

      These people would rather live in USA than in their own country… but rather than helping those who flee would it not be better to help those who stay to build up their own country?
      Hondurans heading for a brighter future in USA

  2. embed a disqus comment from their “share” link

    nope… that doesn’t work either… ypu have to use their embed code:

    … and I’m glad to see their height doesn’t work either. 😋

  3. Today I’m experimenting with embedding comments from other sites and I thought I have a go with an alt-right platform. I tried embedding the embed code given for a comment by the grand wazoo of, but it completely fuctup the rendering of my website here… however they seem to have changed the share option, so now just copy the link from the share address bar into my “vid” short code plugin thingy for WordPress (documented elsewhere)… Works fine even though it’s not a video:

    Experimental with 60% width and 120% height caption, I’ll have to change the class for captions so it left aligns.. maybe use class wp-caption-text… idk yet

    Dereks assessment on what happened to Gab, IDK I think Hanlon’s razor applies.. Gab was just trying to ride the wave of censorship backlash and naively got inundated with all the stuff that was censored elsewhere.

    oh and that reminds me… I need to sort out where it clears from what’s above it.
    meh – whatever – just insert a br tag with style=”clear:both”

      1. now see if it will allow me to post because I already have an approved comment?

      2. yes it does, but I don’t think it has any way to check that you are actually the same person… none the less the automated spam has ceased.

        A friend sent me this picture and I’m using it to test facilities provided by Flikr. Maybe I will use that for slide shows in the future (assuming they don’t decide to start censoring me), as it seems to work just fine!

  4. can also be used to embed a window on a web page

    embedded comments

    Disqus can provide the code to embed a Disqus comment

    Here is that same comment but shown in it’s context on the page where it resides.

    However there is quite a while it loads that page and it doesn’t seem to acurately locate the comment either, so it’s probably better to post the embed code, or the screen shot and link it.

  5. SMD services logo

    1. For a start the logo doesn’t give a clue and SMD is vernacular for an insult, so one’s first instinct says: spammer!
    2. Secondly the user profile has no avatar and the name is just generic so it doesn’t look like a professional business to me.
    3. Also, the site is not accessible by secure https protocol which results in ominous warnings to the visitor
  6. Thank U “Anonymous”. I approved Ur comment…
    BTW U can embed images by linking the URL with an image tag:
    image failed
    … but I ain’t gunna host them directly on my site.

  7. I made name and e-mail of person commenting optional and also set it to automatically close discussions after 0 days which I hope simply leaves them open indefinitely… As long as the article is there… I want people to be able to comment!

  8. hello Mel, it’s me, Angelica – logged out and pretending to be a random public to see if I can post here and what avatar I get if any.

    1. Hello Random Person. I had to approve Ur comment B4 it would show and I do hope that’s a vaild e-mail U gave me!

  9. adding wordpress comment sections to my pages. So while Disqus has been exceptional in it’s absence of censorship, comments in this section are not subject to any kind of automated censorship.

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