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With all the spam this site was getting I wondered what would happen if I used Tor to visit.
Well I got a significantly comprehensive captcha sequence and finally it decided it would let me delist the grey listed ip address that Tor had adopted.

I decided not to as I’m quite happy to have it remain on the bot block list and keep protecting my site.
notice it is reported as forum spam source.

The kind of spam I get seems to have no other purpose than derailing open discussion.
It often links to totally innocent sites.
To me it seems the ones abusing Tor may be doing so to detract from it’s viability as a free speech platform.

Update 2019-08-04

Elsewhere people told me they were being forced to do capchas to get access to my site so I investigated and sure enough it’s bitninja that is operating on hostinger servers. IMHO this is killing bonafide site traffic from people who have legitimate privacy concerns. I made a video about it:

Trying to be constructive (as always) I also e-mailed my concern to Bitninja.

bitninja support

I was very impressed that bitninja responded, but I did not find what they said persuasive.

They acknowledge that they block IP addresses which have been used for nefarious purposes. They notify e-mail addresses associated with the owner of the offending IP address, so presumably that means the VPN or Tor exit node ISP or even my ISP when some dodgy character is using the IP that was dynamically allocated to them and then we rely on that service provider to terminate the account of people abusing them. Alas that is not appearing to be very effective. No doubt those with malevolent intent will soon be re-offending with a new account, while bonafide users suffer the consequences.

Big tech companies and government spy agencies too, are not at all to be trusted these days with our personal data, especially when they are responding to anonymous “tip offs”. The world has seen innocent people dragged through years of legal crap based of false accusations while impersonations and malicious doxxing intrude in our private lives. Thus the assumption that only untrustworthy people have cause to conceal their identity is simply nonsense and very few people actually use they real life id online anymore.

I would only want server security to apply such grey lists while MY site is actually experiencing suspicious activity like failed login attempts and in that case I want to know about it. I also want to know just how many site visits are being blocked.


In the past I had websites shut down in response to malicious false flagging by haters. These creeps abuse security systems to impose censorship and denial of service and bitninja is playing right into their hands while concealing their activity from me.

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    1. I think the domain isn’t working… merely redirects to so try that. It’s working for me now. The gabnews domain is nicer but it takes a long time to redirect. Hopefully they fix this.

      1. yes, it’s working for me too now.
        BTW that redirect via an insecure http connection before landing you on an https server. In this post I deliberately try to force https so that your browser should show a warning as it transits the insecure protocol.

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