Southern & Molyneux
cancelled – again!

Axiomatic event that was rescheduled for tonight has been cancelled.

When no-platforming these free-speech advocates was first discussed I had written to the Mayor to object to the censorship some weeks ago. I got a reply today:

So basically terrorist factions in society need only threaten violence to get support from the authorities and silence any one who is critical of their hate cult?

Then look at the intimidating legal threats that followed at the bottom, based on PRIVILEGE, is this what we can expect from democracy in “21st century New Zealand”?

3 thoughts on “Southern & Molyneux
cancelled – again!”

  1. This is the closest I can find to either of them being “racist”.

    A person’s success in life will depend heavily on socio-economic background, education and attitude.
    It is particularly important to not deny facts for the sake of appearing politically correct.
    Stefan’s philosophy is not actually racism, but a focus on underlying causes that we can strive to remedy for affected minorities in society

  2. Well, Mr. Mayor, I doubt it’s Ms Southern and Mr Molyneux that are cause for safety concerns.

    When militant hate cults are terrorizing the public with threats of violence then maybe the speakers have a valid point to make?

    We should be thanking them for their courage to speak up!

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