Don’t sacrifice our values on the altar of multiculturalism.

I think it’s time to organize a petition to the NZ political parties… don’t U?

Forcing women to wear the burqa is not progress.
This is not progress
Opposing genital mutilation (male or female) is not racism.
It's time to end FGM
opposing MGM is not racism
Saying God loves gay people is not homophobia
An offended God?
… saying it’s OKAY to be white is not “white supremacy”..
Yes, it is OKAY to be white
Silencing free speech for the sake of false virtue signaling is not democracy

multi-culturalism and diversity

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  1. Note: On visiting the site I got a warning that it would be “unsafe” and when I joined the confirmation e-mail had been filtered straight to my spam folder… further digital chicanery was in evidence to block my access to their website that requires investigation as to WTF is going on!

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