malice in wonderland

There will always be haters and media attention is stroking the ego of narcissistic toxic bitches.
I’m just reading:
High school clique of five ‘mean girls’ are sued for targeting a boy with false sexual assault allegations because they ‘just don’t like him’.

This is nothing new.. females have always manipulated decent men with gossip, shaming and blaming and thus they perpetrate their violence by proxy.

Here I read yet another story of a 13 year old boy being hand cuffed and dragged out of school on the basis of similar allegations… 13… FFS 13 years old! Feminism really is a cancer in society.

Most divorced fathers will have experienced the perverse power trips fueled by slander and lies that feminists delight in. Given how many contract this contagious mental disorder, it simply becomes hard to trust female people at all anymore 😖

It’s interesting Trump focuses on the mother.
This son Trump mentions didn’t even get to tell his mom how he is marginalized because he’s the wrong sex, or wrong race.
Reminds me I was reading how Facebook is committed to training 1000 women as entrepreneurs in digital skills. Is this “equality”… well I don’t think so.

Trump is sounding more and more like the voice of reason in all this… don’t U think?

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