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Decades ago the French secret service committed an act of terrorism in New Zealand.

As I was traveling in Europe on a New Zealand passport they targeted me at the border. Customs officer made me unpack all my luggage then looking at my tooth paste the officer asked “what’s in here”. I said “tooth paste” so he proceeded to squeeze it out all over my clothes. Finally – just in the nick of time they let me pack again and race for the cross channel ferry.

Well a few months later I took my partner on a holiday to Spain thinking we would avoid France by taking the overnight ferry to Santander. Alas on sighting my NZ passport the Spanish authorities decided to refuse me entry and we spent the next night going back to England on the same ferry…

I was a supporter of Greenpeace back then, but I don’t think they would have known that. I had little sympathy for French nuclear testing and the unprovoked malevolence to me personally was inexcusable.

Today I was just fed up with people messing me around so at the last minute I decide drive over to Lytleton harbor and see the current Rainbow Warrior vessel that was open to the public. When I got there I was told they were over booked and I would not be allowed on, so I decided make the most of it and just take some pictures.

Had it been planned in advance I think I would have worn my rainbow hair, but it turned out alright in the end as they let me on after all.

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