“Shutup Frilly”.

I was reading about minister of immigration overturning deportation of a drug dealer.
… now to me it really doesn’t sound like cultural enrichment and genuine refugee status.

A poll I ran not that long ago shows that our local community trusts our government: PM Arden thinks we have better solutions to counter illegal drug trade, but I do hope that helping them flee from justice in the country of origin and welcoming them to come live in our communities using fake passports isn’t one of those solutions!

When it comes to drugs NZ …

Many seem to think we should not ask inconvenient questions. Hide behind fake identities, conceal my address and my opinion… be at the mercy of cowards who doxx us and spread malicious lies and thus I don’t feel safe where I live. I’m not afraid to ask why should I be voting for politicians who won’t represent my views?

I will shutup on our Neighborly site, but I am looking forward to world class investigative journalism from that lovely young lady that our leaders no platformed a few months back. I do hope nobody shuts her up this time!


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