A Killer Troll

I made a video blog to review the ongoing political aftermath of the Christchurch Mosque Massacre.

The quality is not brilliant and I don’t know why, so here is the transcript.

Hello, it’s Angelica

I just want to say how concerned I am at the way the Christchurch Mosque Massacre is being dealt with and abused for political gains.

Turkish President Erdogan didn’t delay using gunman footage in recent political rallies as well as citing from the perpetrator’s allegedly “white supremacist” manifesto.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters correctly pointed out that the shooter is not a New Zealander and that none of what he did or said was representative of our country. Apparently ISIS advocate reprisals against NZ citizens and no doubt they will have sympathizers lurking in many places.

Our PM Jacinda Arden however, used illusive alt-right “white supremacists” movements in our country as a scapegoat, but this too is misrepresentation for political gains. She may be putting innocent citizen’s lives at risk of reprisals.

AFAIK there is nothing to suggest the gunman was affiliated with any organizations in New Zealand.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but even maligned movements like the NZ National Front are only really concerned with preserving their European culture and heritage.

I think their aims no different from say the Japanese and many other nations who want to preserve their own culture within their own borders. I’ve seen nothing to suggest any of these movements advocate racial supremacy, or genocide, neither do I see justification for taking down their website as it was advocating nothing illegal.

Our government’s approach, importing a raft of potentially incompatible cultures for the sake of “diversity”, while denying people an opportunity to express concerns is downright irresponsible. Calling them racist white supremacists just for saying “it’s alright to be white”, engenders acrimonious racial division.

I gather Vodafone blocked social media Bitchute and Gab too, even though it had been Facebook that hosted the offensive live stream. Unsubstantiated allegations and threatening individuals with prison just for wanting to know the uncensored truth can only foster fears and distrust.

Over the centuries there have been countless religious conflicts all over the world. I gather that Pakistan and India eventually had to separate because their religions were simply incompatible.
So what on Earth makes us think we can amalgamate them all here, I wonder?

I myself am not religious, but I am told I should never fly via Dubai.
If I do, I would likely be detained in the transit lounge because Transgender is against Sharia law.
Is it unreasonable that I should not be wanting that here?
In Christchurch, I have not experienced much hostility from religious communities, but I do suspect that’s because I avoid having anything to do with any of them what-so-ever.

Today I am questioning, if it was sensible to give special compassionate dispensation for a visit by Australian Imam, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman to come speak at memorial services, when he has been banned from other countries for inciting hatred, amongst others against LGBT people. Who knows what else he might have to say?

I mean what is his connection with the victims here… could he too just be looking for political gains by promoting retribution, resentment and division?

It seems we are still dancing to the exact tune that the gunman planned.

I saw his video… I cringed in horror when, without a qualm he pumped two rounds into a woman who was lying in the gutter crying “help me- helpme”.
Then he climbed in his car and drove right over over her body.
This guy is unable to distinguish between real life and a first person shooter game.

Certainly we might ask why he was given a fire arms license.
However, instead of a knee-jerk restriction on gun ownership, consider that maybe if law abiding New Zealand citizens had been carrying for self defense it would have acted as a deterrent and maybe have put someone in a position to stop the massacre.

The gunman’s manifesto made clear he’s not right wing at all, he’s a product of a dysfunctional society trolling us, play us as were we just a bunch of mindless NPC’s.

Lets think about what we’re doing here, OK

Bai then.

Note: The allegation that the shooter would be a nationalist is clearly nonsense since he wasn’t even a New Zealand national.

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  1. Now the Mongrel Mob and the Black Power Gang cashing in the political spin… as they vow to protect their Muslim “brothers and sisters”. IMHO they too just doing exactly what Brenton Harrison Tarrant wanted… polarizing society.
    Well Here are the Black Power Gang doing a Haka to express their solidarity.
    and this is Mongrel Mob also in Christchurch
    Mongrel Mob
    It might be worth keeping in mind that these gangs are the same ones that do armed robberies, raid pensioner homes, deal in metheamphetamine… and probably they all have fire arms licenses issued by NZ police… just like the killer.

    Saint Jacinda embraces Muslim Martyrs with love

    Saint Jacinda a light for us all
    Whatever. Here is PM Jacinda Arden doing her virtue signaling with a Muslim style head scarf!
    Jacinda & headscarf
    I find it ironic that “strong independent Western women” choose a token of Islamic female submission and modesty to virtue signal their sympathy.
    Doesn’t the hypocrisy just make U wanna barf? 🤢

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