Boy Scouts or Girl guides?

The Boy Scouts Association of New Zealand became the Scout Association of New Zealand in 1967, all section programs are coeducational (mixed gender)…
Compare that to GirlGuiding NZ that focuses entirely on empowering girls.

This sexist trend is reflected world wide:
In 1961 The International Conference of the Boy Scout Movement reconstituted the organization introducing the name World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).
WOSM is the counterpart of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)… which is just for female children.

erasure of boys

… has evidently been going on for decades…
All they ever get is shaming and blaming and nothing to encourage them to direct their energy. So IMHO that’s why they form their own gangs and why our cities are awash with crime… what are we doing to our men?

… and why are women growing up to become like demanding spoiled children yet unwilling to accept adult responsibility for the consequences of their own decisions and actions?

Faceless coward blames victims.

This “@null” dude invites me to a disqussion cuz… well I had been commenting on some of his articles.

However this time I wasn’t exactly impressed with him blaming trans people for causing gender confusion in kids… because, well… it’s feminist gender BS that screws kids up. It’s not those of us who survived it.
… and I wasn’t impressed with them conflating sodomy with trans, or wishing death on Ms Jenner.

So I told him politely that I had no regrets about surrendering my male “privileges”.

Next thing I know the f#cktard bans me for not applauding his biggoted hate fest.

Bitchute Censorship

The “held for review” seems to have been lifted.
Nobody seems to know why it happened.

Posts on Bitchute Disqus forums were being held for review this morning when they contained a link or an image.
Then I saw some images appearing and also a post of mine containing an accidental link was not held but this one was:

and so are others…

I’m not posting “offensive” material as U can tell from my up-votes to posts ratio of 238%!

The narrative of failure

It’s ironic that the ones who could be and should be the icons of success for those under performing demographics are feeding off the SJW victim narrative that is at the very root of the failure of the ones they could inspire.

That was one hell of a good speech by Rev.Jasper W. Williams Jr. there at 8:15… hopefully some will listen and be inspired to strive for excellence rather than victim status.

These people actually prove they are not being held back.

debt bubble about to burst?

New Zealand government is borrowing on our behalf to pay the interest on the debts they’ve already accumulated.
Watching this “debt clock” you don’t have to be an economist to feel this is heading for disaster!

It says New Zealand debt as percentage of GDP is 43.2%, but this other site tells a different story:

I haven’t noticed anybody discussing the situation objectively in this country, so let’s compare with Australia.

Australia debt would be “only” 32.5% of their GDP, but the other site paints a more foreboding picture:

Here is an Australian talking about looming economic collapse.

The bit I find unconvincing is that he assumes moral standards can only come from religion, when clearly evolution could produce instinctive or cultural morals that benefit survival. In fact the irony is that religion itself could be a product of evolution!

None the less, regardless his religious beliefs the economic analysis could well be correct.

OTOH China’s debt is 45% of their GDP and US debt is 108% while GLOBAL debt is 325% of planet Earth’s aggregate GDP… so who the f#ck do we all owe it to? IMHO it’s a big scam to keep us all paying interest to a covert globalist economic sector.