Good vs Evil part of the same spirit.

The difference to the collectivism that Alex Jones envisages and that I envisage is that his has supernatural God vs Satan that we serve. In my belief it is a “cosmic” spirit that resides on all of us driven by a balance between dark and light to evolve. This innate spirit I call our “Goddess within”.

Alex Jones – The leftists Are Following A Bizarre Cult

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This video is very interesting as it mentions the stranglehold China is gaining over media and free speech in the West.
Mike Adams also confirms that Alex Jones was booted off Vimeo for telling the truth about religious activists sacrificing children.

Muslim invasion

I’m not a believer, but a person on neighborly got me thinking about the way we are expected to erase our own cultural heritage to accommodate an Islamic invasion.

I decided that acceptance and tolerance needs to go both ways or they can bloody well just f#ck-off back to where they came from, if they don’t wanna reciprocate!

maths is racist?

Apparently this video was removed from Youtube.

IMO we need to evaluate the merits of fomenting racial grievance narratives and not be afraid to look at the actual facts.
The actual facts say…

There are 5.2 times more whites than blacks (in America)… so if the criminals were to just pick victims at random… I would expect 5x more white than black victims.. wouldn’t U?

Official News vs Truth

Quoted from

Prosecutors’ account of an exorcism-like ritual, allegations of weapons training for children and references to martyrdom and conspiracy were aimed at persuading a judge to deny bond for the five adults charged with child abuse in the case.

However, state District Judge Sarah Backus said at the end of the four-hour detention hearing she remained unconvinced that the defendants posed a danger to the community and set bail at $20,000 for each of them…

I went looking for articles about this after hearing it in a presentation from Alex Jones.
Alex has been no-platformed on allegations of spreading fabricated news to incite hatred and I found it too incredible to consider a judge in a reputedly civilized nation would not see such practices as a danger to society, but after cover-up of rape gang child grooming activities in the UK I wasn’t going to dismiss it either.

I find it very worrying and unacceptable that authorities all over the world are turning a blind eye to crimes perpetrated by certain demographics while we see the evidence of civilization crumbling.

Behind NZ censorship

Allegedly hostile to our coveted New Zealand “cultural diversity”… but could there be an ulterior motive that our leaders don’t want voicing here on New Zealand soil?

(A slightly trimmed version with better contrast is here:

The NZherald discussion of a report on China’s influence over New Zealand politics can be found here: Revealed: China’s network of influence in New Zealand

Foreign sponsorship of our politicians switching to the ruling party should ring some alarm bells in a democracy.
Brady’s report noted donations from Chinese groups – amounting to many hundreds of thousands of dollars each election cycle – switched at this point, following the government of the day.