The IQ debate

The Pigmalion Effect researched by Rosenthal confirmed that children who are taught with higher expecations from their teachers, actually perform better. In the long run their IQ apparently increases.
This mechanism could explain why certain ethnic groups become statistically higher performers when raised in an environment of racial prejudices.

I posted a commented to this effect on their IQ talk.

likes vs dislikes, behold:
The voice of the silent majority!

currently 15,000 likes (one of them mine) vs. 185 dislikes.

Prticularly interesting

  1. business relationship with China
  2. immigration and house prices
  3. immigration and skills shortage/wages

Particularly pertinent to me was how “the left” target an individual with slander and misrepresentation with malevolent intent to destroy a person’s life. Such tactics earn no respect but deeply deserve contempt.

Don’t sacrifice our values on the altar of multiculturalism.

I think it’s time to organize a petition to the NZ political parties… don’t U?

Forcing women to wear the burqa is not progress.
This is not progress
Opposing genital mutilation (male or female) is not racism.
It's time to end FGM
opposing MGM is not racism
Saying God loves gay people is not homophobia
An offended God?
… saying it’s OKAY to be white is not “white supremacy”..
Yes, it is OKAY to be white
Silencing free speech for the sake of false virtue signaling is not democracy

multi-culturalism and diversity

Free speech Coalition

While some people (above) will blissfully follow the herd, the people in NZ are not as ignorant and gullible as our media and politicians would like to think.
Free speech Coalition has been established to get a court decision and if we value our free speech we can all help with a donation.

We are raising funds for judicial review proceedings against Auckland Council, who we believe are likely in breach of the Bill of Rights Act and the Human Rights Act. The Mayor and Council are using ratepayer funds to defend the Mayor’s proclamation to ban speakers.

Southern & Molyneux
cancelled – again!

Axiomatic event that was rescheduled for tonight has been cancelled.

When no-platforming these free-speech advocates was first discussed I had written to the Mayor to object to the censorship some weeks ago. I got a reply today:

So basically terrorist factions in society need only threaten violence to get support from the authorities and silence any one who is critical of their hate cult?

Then look at the intimidating legal threats that followed at the bottom, based on PRIVILEGE, is this what we can expect from democracy in “21st century New Zealand”?

Bit Ninja

With all the spam this site was getting I wondered what would happen if I used Tor to visit.
Well I got a significantly comprehensive captcha sequence and finally it decided it would let me delist the grey listed ip address that Tor had adopted.

I decided not to as I’m quite happy to have it remain on the bot block list and keep protecting my site.
notice it is reported as forum spam source.

The kind of spam I get seems to have no other purpose than derailing open discussion.
It often links to totally innocent sites.
To me it seems the ones abusing Tor may be doing so to detract from it’s viability as a free speech platform.

What do you think?