Brighteon 2.0 now live

Great news. After many months of work, the new Brighteon 2.0 is now live and functioning. All videos you upload to now are stored on our new infrastructure, which is more resistant to any form of censorship from the corporate controllers.

Old videos are being ported over to the new infrastructure automatically. All videos will play as usual during this migration. There are a few minor interface glitches being reported by users, and we are rapidly fixing them now.

You will notice that the pre-roll ads are gone for right now. We are experimenting with this model of asking for donations and running on-page ads instead of pre-roll ads. Our costs are dramatically lower now, so we have more options for raising the required funds to operate the platform. We’re going to play around with on-page text ads or other elements that we hope can replace the need for pre-roll ads, but we will also experiment with a different format of short pre-roll ads that plug websites instead of products.

Our R&D team has expanded, so we are able to fix bugs and roll out new features more quickly than before. All of your suggestions for new features have been aggregated into a master list of priority features. We are now working our way through that list as well. One of the priority features is the ability of end users to log in and subscribe to your video channel. That will be in place soon.

We are relaxing restrictions on content thanks to the fact that we are more resistant now to upstream infrastructure tech bullies (techno-fascists). So we now welcome videos about the New Zealand staged attack and other topics that once nearly got us completely banned.

Also, because our video storage costs are much lower now, we welcome video game videos which were previously not welcomed (only due to cost concerns).

Thank you for your patience during this transition. We are working hard and spending a lot on R&D to make this platform available to everyone. There isn’t a dime of profit associated with this effort, but we think it’s worth it to help protect your right to speak.

More news coming soon, and expect new features now on an accelerated timeline.

– Mike Adams, Founder,

Disgrace of British Justice

2019-09-13 update: Tommy Released

Wishing good luck to Tommy Robinson and why the Hell is Amnesty International not taking a stand against this cowardly political persecution of a regular working class guy standing up for common decency in the UK?

2019-07-05 Tommy Robinson on trial for news reporting?

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Paul Joseph Watson:

The social media moguls have it in for Paul and wisely he diversified onto his own site… I just want to share with you, that this is the emerging way to avoid the globalist thought police.

A Weekly Message From Me, Paul Watson


It's Paul Watson. Thanks for subscribing to this forbidden newsletter.

As you've seen on, I've been ultra busy writing numerous, original articles a day.

But more and more I'm going to be communicating with you directly through this email because I think it's only a matter of time until I get banned off Twitter and everywhere else.  I wish we would've listened to Matt Drudge a little more back in 2015 when he warned us that this was coming. I also wished I listened to Alex more to build up this email list even further, but I've got a good start regardless.

This email newsletter is just one of the ways we will communicate, just like how people relied heavily on fax machines in the USSR to contact each other. And, just like in Soviet Russia, we're living in a dark age that's against free association, free speech and the marketplace of ideas. But we're going to turn the tide. We're going to swing the pendelum the other way.

To do just that, we're really going to blast these emails out, as my work on, YouTube and Infowars has been effective in the fight against bureaucratic, unrestrained globalism and I'm not about to give up.

So, whatever you do, please at least forward this email to your friends, family and trusted neighbors. In the coming days, as I start to send you this underground information, it's critical that you share it.

Separately, Infowars has been under so much attack that it can barely pay even a fraction of what I used to make. The crew there needs support, as they are my sponsor. That's why they have amazing supplements such as Turbo Force which offers quick, accessible energy throughout the day. You can also subscribe to the Infowars newsletter here in addition to mine.

All the best,

Nike Pulls USA Themed Sneakers After Colin Kaepernick Complains American Flag is “Offensive”
Congressman Calls For Antifa to be Labeled a Domestic Terror Organization

Folau’s Free-speech

Folau is a Australian professional rugby union player, who was recently sacked for posting the above image on his Instagram wall. He refused to remove it when accused of homophobia and has stated that he put’s his belief even above his own career and wife’s well being. Apparently he is suing for unfair dismissal.

While his meme may sound threatening it is substantially what is written in the Christian Bible. Folau himself is not inciting or threatening violence. It merely says Jesus can save those who repent from Hell, so I think he is within his right to state such beliefs and others are within our right to express disagreement.

Not surprisingly militant LGBT activists have denounced Folau for “hate speech” which they believe should be censored. The success of Folau’s fund raiser OTOH suggests there must be many who share his views with passion. I haven’t heard of any backlash from militant Atheists (nor Idolaters or any of the others), but maybe that’s because we don’t believe there is such a place as Hell, and so we think it is an idle threat of no consequence.

I think the court case is important to establish whether employers have a right to penalize people for their opinions, or whether that should remain a legal issue.

Beyond the law, it raises the question of to what extent we should tolerate freedom of religions that are intolerant of sectors of society. The problem I have with religions is that they are based on immutable ‘holy scriptures’ and while we can tolerate them expressing their beliefs and even excluding us from their church, we are not obliged to tolerate them promoting hatred and persecution of other sectors of society.

The point is that one can’t legislate who we have to like or dislike. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but as long as there is no incitement to violence, or actual violence then it should be tolerated as should our right to criticize them back.