Storm Chaser

Was online talking 2 a young photography enthusiast whose dream is to document the storms of mother Nature’s fury… in this age of global climate change I think his ambitions are inspiring, but I love this picture of his: Blooming after the struggle

survived the winter
Click for his website

He has talent and I thought it a worthy cause to contribute to his storm chasing gofundme.

Note: I can’t myself use Facebook comment plugin because Facebook employs terf bigots who keep shutting my account down 😖

site contributor

This is my Angelica account and I was supposed to get a confirmation e-mail of my joining this site, but just like the one from, that never arrived… I suspect something “phishy” is going on with my gmail account… but whatever… I’ll just try contributing a post anyway.

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was having a discussion on Bitchute where the topic of morality came up…


opinion poll?

Note: The “Democracy Poll” plugin stopped working and I can’t work out why. This Opinionstage one is still OK so I shall stick with that now.