Family Heirlooms

As mum’s Alzheimer condition got worse my siblings sold her house and deported her to a rental flat in the Netherlands to evade gift duty. They must have taken all her valuables that included silver and gold family heirlooms as well as hand cut antique crystal. They never offered to share any of it after mum died.

When I last visited my brother Marc I even saw the spring loaded pocket knife that dad had given me for my 12th birthday lying rusting in his garage… these truly are the most selfish spoiled stinkers one can imagine and if our parents could see the way they have behaved they would turn in their graves.

Note: click here for details on perversion of the law perpetrated by my siblings and their bent lawyers.

Paid news subscription

Youtube pledged $25million to help ailing main-stream-media corporations like the BBC to remain viable in competition with independent journalists.
With “advertizer unfriendly” sanctions Google further eroded the viability of these independent sources and even traditional news papers are struggling to stay afloat by offering paid subscriptions.

Disqus is running a Poll about why nearly one in 5 people now are paying for their online news.

I don’t yet but would consider doing so to avoid the biased PC propaganda being served today by “official” channels.
What’s your opinion?

Note: On these forums I can put my identities back together without fear of being silenced by social media giants and this is a link to my independent feed You will find similar feeds on practically all the alternative news sites that you can simply add to your bookmarks tool bar and follow us off Facebook and away from Twitter.

Storm Chaser

Was online talking 2 a young photography enthusiast whose dream is to document the storms of mother Nature’s fury… in this age of global climate change I think his ambitions are inspiring, but I love this picture of his: Blooming after the struggle

survived the winter
Click for his website

He has talent and I thought it a worthy cause to contribute to his storm chasing gofundme.

Note: I can’t myself use Facebook comment plugin because Facebook employs terf bigots who keep shutting my account down 😖

site contributor

This is my Angelica account and I was supposed to get a confirmation e-mail of my joining this site, but just like the one from, that never arrived… I suspect something “phishy” is going on with my gmail account… but whatever… I’ll just try contributing a post anyway.

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was having a discussion on Bitchute where the topic of morality came up…


opinion poll?

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