Good vs Evil part of the same spirit.

The difference to the collectivism that Alex Jones envisages and that I envisage is that his has supernatural God vs Satan that we serve. In my belief it is a “cosmic” spirit that resides on all of us driven by a balance between dark and light to evolve. This innate spirit I call our “Goddess within”.

Alex Jones – The leftists Are Following A Bizarre Cult

Internet not secure?

As some may know I’m trying to sell my stuff on my own website, but gmail says it’s a suspicious link… I can think of nothing suspect on my site.

Then I wanted to watch a Youtube and it tells me the owners of Youtube haven’t set it up right so they won’t let me play it.
Looks to me like something has been hacked on my computer?!

Also I notice it was doing captchas on my alt… so I’m gunna check that out.

Cognitive dissonance of the cultural diversity narrative

Have you ever wondered what makes different cultures different?

IMO it’s because they conserve their traditions and retain identity by NOT integrating, even when their tradition is based on superstitions that nobody believes anymore.

People practice culture because they want to feel they belong to an in-group. It divides society into us-es and thems-es and each one fiercely protective of their own.

You know what?
Culture is a social construct 😋

identity or anonymity

Paranoia makes people conceal our identity, but if nobody knows who you are, then is there any point saying what you think?
The rest of us shrug and go “meh – just another cyber troll pushing their agenda. Plenty more where they came from and plenty of the opposite camp too.

Personal details can be used for identity fraud:
e.g. security question: “What’s your date of birth?”
Well seriously… if you have it so as you can check it… then chances are others have it too and maybe so that they can abuse it.

Insurance companies might use DNA or your history to deny those who most need cover and our history can be abused to deny us employment, credit, membership.

Walls or Fences

I was just reading that the large number of migrant laborers working on the rebuild in Christchurch are contributing to the demand for synthetic illegal drugs.
They also compete for jobs and erode potential wages for our own young men.

The police thought I should put up fences to keep thieves and vandals out, but I think this “cultural enriched” city is maybe not the place I want to live.

Needs a fence?