The best a man can get?

On our neighbourly site I posted a poll about the controversial Gillette ad to find what people where I live actually think.

I was not surprised to see predominantly the feminist man shaming message endorsed.

A bit disconcerting that about half the people just thought I should shutup, but also not that surprising as I know they would rather talk about missing cats and stuff like that.
There were comments from opposing perspectives and one guy linked me to a video by “louderwithcrowder”, but it had already been taken down presumably by feminists Gestapoing at Youtube HQ.

However in the world at large the advert has sparked heated debate and a lot of interesting insights. Here are some of the videos I watched on the subject and there are more embedded in the comments.

Daisy Cousens discusses the other side of the coin: Women are more prone to psychological warfare.

The truth about men.

Regarding Men #1 With Tom Golden, Janice Fiamengo and Paul Elam

Not mincing words Paul Joseph Watson has the impact of a power load of TNT!

Boycott Gillette… let them stick to lady shaves.
Actual men get their blades from Dollar Shave Club ! 😘

Equally compelling is Paul Elam’s incisive analysis of why the Gillette advert attracted 10x as many down votes as upvotes:

The Gillette Ad – No Joke Janice Episode 13

The only fate worse than dating one of those feminists would be as the child raised by one.

DDJ’s review is really interesting take on the Gillette ad:

Gillette Advocates For The Destruction of Feminism

Blue Collar on Feminism

Blue Collar Logic (Dave Morrison) explains what’s wrong with feminism.
A lot of truth there and it strongly reminds me of the proud boys (link = see previous post).

It’s a rational response to the insanity of the women’s liberation movement.
It’s a – back to our natural gender roles- counter movement, which of course is anathema (misogyny) to the bitter old childless crones of feminism.

Feminism Part 1 … The Basic Lie

The subservient role my father adopted to his wife that put me off growing up to become a man.
However, I definitely didn’t work for the sake of getting the best women. I did it because I wished to excel at what I did.

Feminism Part 2 … It’s All About Men!

Feminism Part 3 … The Defanged Warrior

A man wouldn’t dream of “barking last minute instructions” to his wife before setting off for work. Ordering their partner around is very much a woman thing.

Feminism Part 4 … The Female Bad-Ass

Feminism Part 5 … Corporate & Consumerist

Feminism Pt 6 … Making Men Lazy

I used to work flat out pushing myself to the limit every day. I didn’t do low intensity tasks, I knew other people who were the same. I don’t think this stereotype is genuine.

My take on it

I do support proletariat right to choose a life of servitude to the domestic tyranny of the vagina, but it’s not the kind of hierarchy I would aspire to join myself.

Instead I advocate for MGTOW monkdom… but not isolating our self.
More like a “bro’s before hoes” monastery with positive male team activities, hunting, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sports and working on intellectual or craft achievements with like minded scholars, (probably as a career). It’s an equally viable option for women, but a big risk of the rot setting in as soon as both sexes try to do it together.

I gather that men have a very strong instinct to seek out female company but you really don’t need to vie for their approval to allow you to take pride in who you are.
In today’s social climate I say to simply have a vasectomy, then apply the 3 F’s: Findem, Fuckem, Forgetem.

BTW, if you don’t tell anyone about your vasectomy then you can have the last laugh when some gold digger thot tries to slap a paternity suit on you.
With that said, as some may know, my personal choice was for an orchidectomy and that just means I can be my own woman and am totally free of any sexual urges, but it’s the same basic principle.

The house of leftist cards has been Trumped

BLEXIT rises!

Sargon of Akkad talking to conservative activist Candice Owens about what it’s like to know Donald Trump and Kanye West and concepts surrounding “blackness”.

I love the way she signals the quotes in – our first “black” president at 2:35. 😁

At 16:30 – how do you feel about the wall – well how do you feel about front doors on homes? Do you mind knocking? It’s nothing to do with racism. There is a system here! Leftists want lawlessness and chaos.

At 25:30 – if you are looking for white supremacy, it’s been rebranded as third wave feminism! White liberal elitist suburbanites!

It’s the beginning of a new age

David Stuart discusses the abuse by Patreon to interfere with the right to free speech. While we may not agree with everything other people say, I do think that denying them services when they are perfectly within the law to say what they are saying is an ominous portend of a new age of censorship and rule by fear of faceless bureaucrats in a new age society, rife with corruption, nepotism and profiteering.

The Problem with Patreon and Social Media Hegemony
by: David V Stewart

At the end he reads a religious passage about the Mark of the Beast… a number without which one will be denied to take part in kind of financial transaction… Could this be a prophecy of people being bio-chipped.. and without a positive social credit score to their chip they will be unable to obtain goods or services. They may well be denied housing… left out on the streets to starve and freeze to death. Nobody will dare to help you lest it detracts from their own social credit.

With an amorphous “multi-cultural” society, with the demise of family and children being wards of the state people will feel disenfranchised they will instinctively be drawn to form their own cultural ghettos, or join gangs for the sake of sense of belonging. With globalism there will be no escape.

Earth becomes our Prison Planet and our leaders, the self appointed Gods of this “heavenly” NWO.

Out of Africa

I enjoyed watching the Film about Karen Blixen… creating coffee plantation out of waste land. White farmers have been farming there for generations. We never hear about un-white farmers there…. maybe there aren’t any?

All that’s about to change as white-owned farms are being confiscated and going to others who have a more deserving skin color.
IDK if they will be looking at what claim the new owners have to that land, if any. It does seem a relevant question as many of the un-whites are descendants of economic migrants who settled there long after the whites built their farming economy, but I wouldn’t want to be accused of “racism”, now would I?

However, it’s quite clear to me who the actual racists are, so I do hope the white South Africans will be accepted somewhere, and skin color won’t prevent them being accepted as refugees from a genocidal fascist regime.


Talking to a friend on Skype and he believes the whole of humanity is destined to eek out existence in a NWO Chinese style social credit system and that people will simply become used to it and think it’s the way life should be… dominated by faceless bureaucrats. Individual freedoms will be a thing of the past.
However, what is the mood out there in cyber space, despite globalist censorship?

America: Worth Saving?
by:Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Comment section is worth a read too.

The recent yellow vest protests in France confirm a backlash spreading across Europe.

Truth About the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests
by: Paul Joseph Watson

What about New Zealand though?
I think it’s very much dominated by globalism and the people are as my friend was saying, happy to surrender our culture and values.
I think most of these globalists really don’t understand that once borders are gone the only cultures that will remain will be the ones that are militant and exclusionary, while the rest end up in a big melting pot of “diversity” that eventually becomes a monoculture.

As for the right to think for our selves and express it, I got an e-mail today from the NZ Free Speech Coalition how the legal system is derailing the course of justice running up costs and probably will never reach a conclusion… it’s just like the corrupt profiteering little stinkers treated me too.

Good vs Evil part of the same spirit.

The difference to the collectivism that Alex Jones envisages and that I envisage is that his has supernatural God vs Satan that we serve. In my belief it is a “cosmic” spirit that resides on all of us driven by a balance between dark and light to evolve. This innate spirit I call our “Goddess within”.

Alex Jones – The leftists Are Following A Bizarre Cult