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The NZ sovereignty organization has updated it’s introduction and mission statement on 16th of March. Their web site is now expected to be online by the end of March 2019.

I am in full agreement with their policies on sovereignty and free speech, and I hope to be able to become a proactive contributor.

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  1. I commented on the Golriz “hate speech” propaganda stunt. Let’ see if it get’s “moderated”. 😉
    my post on Gab

    Golriz (and certain other green party members) rarely discuss “green” issues, but instead seem to do nothing other than hyping up racial hatred against Europeans and Christians.

    I don’t think the alleged “threatening jokes” could be taken seriously, but even if her security escort were necessary IMHO she has nobody to blame but her self.

  2. An article by Phil Taylor of NZherald tells of a recent pamphlet drop which various politicians (like Andrew Little and Golriz Gaharaman) have denounced as “anti-maori” and racist.

    The text is as follows:

    One Treaty, One Nation

    Racism is the act of treating people differently because of their race – either by privileging or disadvantaging them. Legalized racism, giving superior rights, natural resources and race based funding to those who identify as “part-Maori”, is holding New Zealand back and creating an unfair society.

    The Maori people who ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria in 1840 no longer exist. Their successor race of part-Maori, usually with more European blood in them than Maori, is merely one of numerous ethnic groups in modern New Zealand society.

    No single group should be entitled to rights, privileges and special funding that are not available to others.

    There is only one treaty –
    Te Tiriti, signed by over 500 chiefs.

    The benefits of colonization for Maori, lifting them out of a violent Stone Age existence, far outweighed any negative consequences. The treaty put an end to cannibalism, slavery, infanticide and the constant inter-tribal wars which had killed about a third of their population in the previous 20 years. With Western medicine, Maori life expectancy has risen from 20 to 25 years (1840) to 75 years today.

    It’s time for New Zealanders to end their apathy and understand what is being done in the name of the “Treaty” to our rights, resources, heritage and prospects by the increasing power of a newly-created “tribal elite” that is systematically undermining our institutions and our age old sovereignty.

    It’s time for the Waitangi Tribunal to be abolished in the interests of the nation and it’s future as, by either gross error or deliberate lie, this body has now declared that the northern chiefs and, by implication, all the chiefs did not cede sovereignty in 1840, thus driving a sword through the nation’s unity and constitutional validity.

    It’s time to acknowledge the truth that there is neither “partnership” nor “principles” in the Treaty. These fictions were invented 150 years after the event by self-interested parties so as to give superior rights to part-Maoris which the words of the Treaty do not.

    It’s time to end all co-governance agreements as they undermine New Zealand’s unity and sovereignty.

    It’s time to take a stand for democracy and equality of citizenship and to face down all demands for racial preference.

    It’s time to stop voting for any candidate of any party who is not prepared to work body and soul to end all race-based privileges and special funding.

    It’s time to end the concept of separate Maori wards in local government.

    New Zealand does not belong to one race.
    It belongs to all of us.

    If we don’t act to end the racial privileges of one group of New Zealanders, we will become more and more second-class citizens in the land that was built by the pioneers.

    My opinion is:
    The leaflet was a bit untactful, but substantively agrees with my understanding of the musket wars that preceded Te Tiriti.
    The leaflet’s main intent is however clearly to denounce racial division of our country and absolutely not to promote it.
    That is reasonable as there is also the UN agreement on rights for indigenous people that John Key signed us up for in 2010 giving us a double whammy of apartheid and racial privileges.

    Thus I do think this particular leaflet drop is being used to hype a myth that New Zealand would have an alt-right white supremacy problem, with political gains in mind.

  3. enigmatic? We could hand out enigmatic business cards like this, without attracting too much negative attention!

  4. As Notredam burns I can’t help but wonder if this be an instance of Christophobia?

    conspiracy theories… or truth?

    Note: that picture was of a news article identifying a Muslim woman who was arrested just a month earlier trying to set Notre-Dame alight, but it’s evidently not available on Gab at the moment.

  5. An initial meetup of the Christchurch group took place, Thursday 14th March 6 to 6.30 informal chat, 6.30 to 8.30 General Meeting.

    >>>>>> McDonald’s Merivale
    >>>>>> 217 Papanui Rd
    We aim to have another meeting there on the 28th.

    Note: I was a bit apprehensive that their Judeo-Christian ethics might prejudice some against me as a transgender person… although of course I fully endorse their right to exercise free speech, I also affirm my individual rights & freedom. I did not encounter any kind of prejudice in the group.

  6. We had a good meetup here in Christchurch yesterday. Jules was inspiring and New Zealand Sovereignty means action before election 2020!

    So I made this meme just now:

    Note: You can sign in as “zeta” with password “guest” to comment as guest on this site. Hopefully spam bots are too dumb to do that.

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