Modern racial discrimination narrative centers on the exploitation of African slaves in Norther America, so here is my take on that:

blame and victimhood by genetic proxy


Apportioning historical blame is pointless. What is important is to look at racial prejudice being practiced now. This is my concern with teaching New Zealand history in schools. It fosters racial resentment.


It’s closely related to sexual discrimination:

… to be continued …

3 thoughts on “Racism”

  1. I didn’t know Maori claim 4G is a traditional taonga. I’m impressed by how technologically advanced they were and realize how they must have hated “whitey” for coming over here and stealing their ethnic electro-magnetic radiation spectrum.

    Do we owe them for their share of the visible spectrum too? Should white people be made to pay for the privilege of operating light bulbs in Maori ether? 🙄


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