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by: Faith J Goldy

Understanding UN Population Migration Agenda
Apparently the UN have been conspiring to phase out Western civilization for decades already.

“Advocates Abroad”, 380 staff, coaching criminals, terrorists and economic migrants how to pretend they are Christians fleeing persecution so that they can come sponge off European welfare state… and all funded by whom?

I think those giving to these “NGO charities” ought to ask themselves if their money might be better spent helping Lauren get to the bottom of it all, don’t you?

It sounds to me like Japan has a better immigration strategy.

Left vs Right

The Western world was dominated by right wing (capitalist) politics in a meritocracy where the wealthy control the means of production and the proletariat struggled to get a living wage for often long arduous hours.

During the industrial revolution technology brought a huge increase in productivity and as many working class people had large families, they were in fierce competition for diminishing employment prospects.
Pandemic poverty meant lower consumerism and so industries also declined and economies stagnated.

Left wing politics, trade unions and collective bargaining aimed to fix this by taxing profits and the means of production to re-inject it into the economy at the bottom of the wealth pyramid. From there it would percolate back up to the top stimulating industry and employment on the way and thus provides basic living standards for all.

With multi national globalization, smart capital bypassed this tax simply by moving production to countries where they could continue to exploit cheap labor and then importing it for huge profits in more affluent countries where the consumer markets were. Political sponsorship from big business ensured that their interests would continue to be served. Thus today Western industrialized nations have lost most of our manufacturing industry while massive influx of 3rd world economic migrants in search of a better life, stretch welfare provisions to breaking.

Here we see how mediterranean countries like Italy are being flooded with unskilled “cultural enrichment” from Africa.

The diversity agenda

In conflict with democratic opinion this influx of economic migrants is promoted with sophist reasoning by central government (such as the European Parliament).
Dissenters are silenced with accusations of hate speech, yet this influx of unskilled labor is not in the interests of the host nations nor of their indigenous population, so WTF is going on here?

It’s about political power: A globalist new world order where the population is divided. In a society of diversity, each individual becomes isolated and disenfranchised… no solidarity, nor in-group identity: Work hard, keep a low profile, pay your dues and understand that democracy is little more than a predictable statistic and elections are idle promises to a misinformed and apathetic population of subservient slaves. Here are some sub pages of my thoughts on NWO politics.

Encouraging migrants to come to Europe is fueling the humanitarian crisis.
IMO we shpuld be helping them to improve their situation in their own countries.

Muticultural Dystopia

backlash USA

20 thoughts on “World Political Stage”

    1. Europe could learn a lot about multiculturalism from India!
      They were all getting on together like a house on fire, so much so in fact that they chose to split off the Muslims to Pakistan!

  1. Radley2612 wrote:

    Bought a bird feeder hung it
    on my back porch and filled it
    with seed. What a beauty of
    a bird feeder it was, as I filled it
    lovingly with seed.
    Within a week we had hundreds of birds INVADED
    taking advantage of the
    continuous flow of free and
    easily accessible food.
    But then the birds started
    building nests in the boards
    of the patio, above the table,
    and next to the barbecue. 
    Then came the crap. It was
    everywhere: on the patio tile,
    the chairs, the table ...
    Then some of the birds
    turned mean. They would
    dive bomb me and try to
    peck me even though I had
    fed them out of my own
    And other birds were
    boisterous and loud. They
    sat on the feeder and
    squawked and screamed at
    all hours of the day and night
    and demanded that I fill it
    when it got low on food.
    After a while, I couldn't even
    sit on my own back porch
    anymore. So I took down the
    bird feeder and in three days
    the birds were gone. I cleaned
    up their mess and took down
    the many nests they had built
    all over the patio.
    Soon, the back yard was like
    it used to be ..... quiet, serene....
    and no one demanding their
    rights to a free meal.
    Now let's see......
    Our government gives out
    free food, subsidized housing,
    free medical care and free
    education, and allows anyone
    born here to be an automatic
    Then the illegals came by the
    tens of thousands. Suddenly
    our taxes went up to pay for
    free services; small apartments
    are housing 5 families; you
    have to wait 6 hours to be seen
    by an emergency room doctor;
    Your child's second grade class is
    behind other schools because
    over half the class doesn't speak
    Corn Flakes now come in a
    bilingual box; I have to
    'press one ' to hear my bank
    talk to me in English, and
    people waving flags other
    than ”ours” are
    squawking and screaming
    in the streets, demanding
    more rights and free liberties.
    Just my opinion, but maybe
    it's time for the government
    to take down the bird feeder. 
    If you agree, pass it on; if not,
    just continue cleaning up the crap 
    copied from Youtube discussion
  2. Central to world political status-quo seems to be hostility to Jewish people… and while we’ve heard horror stories of what Nazi’s did… it’s necessary to look deeper.

    The Greatest Story NEVER Told – part 4 of 27

    So really it wasn’t the Nazi’s doing at all and the whole second world war was a consequence of inequitable treaty of Versaille: The Germans were due their utu, and probably still are…

    It’s not clear to me why Jewish people were so segregated from their host culture, but I do think it was incorrect to hold them collectively responsible for the nefarious manipulations of financial institutions and in the above film very incorrect to associate them with sexual depravity.

  3. Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern have been banned from speaking in Auckland.

    IMO there is nothing “controversial” nor “hateful” about criticizing religious cults who advocate persecuting trans people and killing gay people and we don’t even know what they were planning to talk about.

    Also Ms Southern’s investigative journalism about brutal murders of white farmers in South Africa is not at all racist… it’s objective reporting on an ethnic cleansing (genocide) perpetrated by a imperialist racist regime.

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