Amnesty International

Mean Tweets

As a former supporter of Amnesty International I received e-mail from Amnesty International explaining how they were fighting hate speech on Twitter and it occurred to me that instigating censorship to protect the feelings of precious snowflakes was not really the kind of “charitable” activity I associated with Amnesty for political prisoners.

Open borders

The next e-mail asking for contributions was another emotional appeal:

emotional appeal

It struck me this is a politically motivated emotional appeal in support of mass immigration simply on grounds of the migrants having young children.
I personally don’t see how unrestrained immigration from the 3rd world will be sustainable for any nation until such time that all nations have sunk to the lowest common denominator.

Woman’s Choice

Then came an e-mail about legalizing “woman’s choice” (i.e. abortion) in Hungary and once again it struck me this is a political issue. It could equally seem reasonable that some would expect women to make their choice using contraception before getting pregnant like we expect from men

political prisoner amnesty

In my opinion pushing this political agenda… ANY political agenda in fact, is inappropriate for Amnesty International. It was my understanding that said organization was there to support diversity of political opinion and fight for the right of dissidents under various regimes to peacefully advocate for what they believe in without imprisonment or sanctions yet where were they when Tommy Robinson was falsely imprisoned and tortured in the UK?

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