Predatory Chinese Business

They have sunk a bore and want to take 1.6 billion liters per year of OUR drinking water, exporting it to China for profit with no benefit to us what-so-ever, while we are being told to preserve water and getting chlorinated, potentially contaminated tap water.

Chinese BoreChinese company drills water bore in Christchurch

I don’t think many people are aware of the predatory nature of some Chinese businesses operating behind a NZ business facade in our country.

I gather they are “sponsoring” some of our politicians… who have hushed it up…. and I bet are just itching to flame you as a racist and a xenophobe for speaking out. IMO this country is seriously sick and rotten to the core!

Apparently Chinese sponsors switched their “sponsorship” to the labor party after National failed to get in at the last election: Puppets of a predatory foreign power! Oh what kind of sham “democracy” are we living under, I wonder?