The Brexit Backlash

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The indigenous tribes of Western Europe see their home lands invaded by hostile alien cultures that bring little of value to society and they don’t believe the lies about European unity. They want out, but their leaders are deceitful, corrupt and don’t represent their caucus.

Religious fanatics threaten violence… so law enforcement means arresting the victim and banning her from entering the country under the prevention of terrorism act… right… and seriously now, how is “racism”? 🙄 WTF!

OK what about dissent among the indigenous population?

Leftists delude themselves into thinking nobody in the UK respects the elected president of the United States, because they isolate themselves in their safespace ech chambers of libtard bigotry. PJW questions their false indignation

NWOthought police

I was just reading an article by Roosh V. on how the British are so afraid of what he says that they will turn round an international flight to prevent him from using an international transit lounge on British soil!
Now make no mistake, I’m no advocate of PUA, but I do think anybody who actually believes Roosh is a danger to the public or the distortion that he would be a “rape apologist” is seriously misinformed. Anyone who actually followed this history will know that such allegations are based on feminist fear mongering quoting him out of context. So I suggest if U want to know more about the kind of people Britain is intent on keeping out… let his words about his Icelandic transit experience regale you by following that link.